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Throwback to my doodles during the AMI conference in Rochester, MN at the Mayo Clinic.



Cheat Sheet. If you’re going to bring roses, make sure to bring the right color.

no give me the purple ones always

All I ever want for my birthday each year are light pink roses in the amount to match the year I’m turning, a card, and balloons… That’s truly all I ever want.



how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

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laughs for 10 minutes


catches breath

thinks about what made me laugh

laughs for 10 more minutes

i’ve been getting the giggles lately

the hold your sides

tears everywhere


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“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented”
The Truman Show (1998)Peter Weir

If there are a few things I’ve learned, these are most important:

sticking fingers down your throat won’t make him love you, and starving yourself won’t make him want you. razor blades to delicate skin won’t take away the pain that festers down under that fake smile. having hip bones that jut out and thighs the size of wrists won’t make you happy, and neither will a size zero pants size.

when you throw up your dinner, you are also throwing up another piece of yourself. and when you decide to skip breakfast, your good sense of humor is replaced by a rude version of yourself. cuts on your body will make you sweaty in the summer because you can’t wear a short sleeved shirt.
and when your thigh gap is big enough to stick your fist through it, when your thighs are calves and your calves are wrists, it still won’t be enough. it won’t be enough because the girls and boys who finally got “thin enough” are now rotting six feet underground.

so if you haven’t eaten today, I suggest you go fix that right now. and if you decide that keeping up this unhealthy pattern is a good option, then I would suggest you wrote a will, because these diseases are going to kill you sooner than you think.


Do you ever think about the fact that the US has created and legitimized a system of institutionalized inequality by funding schools through property taxes?  That basically a child’s education is only as good as the value of the property in their neighborhood.  Funny how education is so often viewed as an equalizing factor when there is nothing equal about it.

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Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, James Whistler
thiscouldbetroubleafterall why don’t we do this with our hoodies… including the other apartment #11